Random Crap That Fell Out of My Brain

Any multiple-choice test worth its salt has a choice "D:  None of the above..."
This is's very own choice "D"

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This pretty much sums it up, but for more detail, read on!

Welcome, young and old alike, to online proof that my brain is a jumbled mess. 
Here's where you'll find a whole host of random crap that I needed to get out of my head so the voices would finally quiet down and I could go on being a good citizen of the world.
Keep coming back--I promise to keep dumping pointless miscellany onto this page whenever the mood strikes me.
And, rest assured, the day I get video footage of a chimpanzee on a unicycle, it'll be added here immediately.

Tenting Tales - They're Already Famous Somewhere

Feats of Awesomeness


Double-Dutch Determination: A Tale of Inspiration

Real Life - A Work in Progress


Even the great Wilder Penfield would've had a hard time mapping out my brain--but he'd still try!

Please resist the temptation to do some sort of home diagnosis of my psychological health. 
I hate to ruin it for you, but the answer will be "E:  All of the above."